Our Services

Projemato provides various services in the areas in which it operates, starting with the creation of the project, going through the entire execution of the work and ending in the post-sale.

Human Resources

A large team of employees specialized in the various areas we operate, are our main capital


We do the complete planning of the entire project, from materials to the teams, with the objective of carrying out a perfect job and that leaves the customer satisfied


We respect the rules inherent in the work we are doing. We are certified to comply with quality standards


We always try to have the best employees, products, tools and materials to maintain a high standard of service and thus do a high quality job


We monitor all our projects, do a continuous check of what is planned and propose suggestions for improvement

After Sales

We seek to satisfy our customers by guaranteeing work done with quality, we do maintenance work performed

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Our services

Electrical Installations


Assembly of industrial automation systems; Installation of all industrial electrical infrastructure; Medium voltage works; Technical assistance.

Metallic Constructions


Metallic pavilions; Raised floors; Stadium covers; Bridges; Steel structures; Metallic silos; Industry expansions



Installation and fusion of all types of fiber-optics; Verification, Evaluation and Repair of fiber networks; We make connections of data cables and telephone lines; Installation of racks



Hydraulic networks; Fire nets; Steam nets; Compressed air networks

Mechanical Installations


Assembly of engines; Engine alignment; Revamping of motors, ducts and fans; Assembly of HVAC networks; Assembly of production line

Maintenance and Repair 


Maintenance of metal structures and mechanical equipment; Repair of production lines in steelworks; Maintenance of tanks.